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The general consensus was that the 19 November 2017 concert in St Margaret’s was wonderful – a new programme, and sung to perfection. The choir have now set off for St Petersburg, but we hope that they will be back in West Fife next year. Possibilities being explored include a November concert in Dunfermline Abbey. Watch this site for announcements during 2018!

Tickets for the concert on Sunday 19 November 2017, at 3.00pm at St Margaret’s RC Memorial Church in East Port, Dunfermline, KY12 7JB, are £10 and are now available from or by phoning 07525 920728. You can download a flyer by clicking the image above.

Jurij Maruk, the conductor, has given us the outline programme for their concert tour, and we were very pleased to see that it’s entirely different from last year, although some old favourites from previous years have reappeared. The programme is the usual combination of sacred music, mostly from the Russian Orthodox tradition, in the first half, with folk songs after the interval.

Part one

In thy kingdom remember us, O Lord    S. Rachmaninov (1873–1943)

Why art thou cast down, O my soul    D. Bortnyansky (1751–1825)

Beheld a strange Christmas    G. Sviridov (1951–1998)

We have no other help    A. Karpov

Blessed is the man    G. Lyubimov (1882–1934)

Praise ye the name of the Lord    L. Andreev

The repentant thief    M. Burmagin

Requiem aeternam    G. Verdi (1813–1901)

Part two



Old husband, terrible husband (Gipsy song)

Here’s the mail coach-and-three rushing

A red red rose (Robert Burns)

In the wine cellar (Song of the old bachelor)

Two guitars

Those of us who had heard the choir at St Serf’s the previous evening knew that their 18 November concert would be something special, and indeed it was. It’s not every day that visitors get a standing ovation and sing two encores! Read the full report at this link.

Better still, if you search YouTube with the term “Voskresenije in Rosyth Methodist Church” (quick access through this link) you get access to eight of the videos of the concert that Jurij has posted!

A capacity crowd of 106 people in St Serf’s this evening were delighted by a first-rate performance, and duly encouraged Jurij and his choir to give us not just one, but two encores!

And double encore is what you can still get – Friday night in Rosyth, and Saturday in Dalkeith. Book on-line, or just turn up at the door and enjoy a feast of music. But this week only …